We’ve sung the praises of the Milwaukee County Transit System in these pages before. The bus is great, the bus is easy, and the bus has amazing drivers. But did you know that MCTS is also a useful tool for teaching kids how to go poop on the potty? You will soon enough!

Yep, we’re gonna talk about potty training here. Sigh. On Friday, Milwaukee Record‘s own Matt Wild returned to the set of TMJ4 chat show The Morning Blend to explain how an unexpected gift from MCTS helped his daughter overcome her fear of “going #2.” It’s kind of a cute story, and it involves a prop. Staying on theme, hosts Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle also quizzed Matt about his ill-advised plans to swim the Milwaukee River. Will Matt return in August to talk about this disgusting adventure? Will he wear a wetsuit to the show? Is he indeed the Carrot Top of The Morning Blend? Find out below!

(As always, thanks to The Morning Blend for having us! It was another great day to shine.)