Back in February, Milwaukee Record‘s very own Tyler Maas and Josh Hoppert set out on a strange and delightful mission: to use a leap day to visit, and eat at, every George Webb restaurant on planet Earth. That mission would eventually span 29 Webb locations, 23 hours, $226.61 (not including gas or tip), and over 600 miles traveled. Why take up such a ridiculous challenge? Because it was there.

Here’s a sample entry, from roughly halfway through the duo’s odyssey:

No. 16 — 12201 W. North Avenue (Wauwatosa)
When we’d finished up in New Berlin, we weaved through back roads and wound up on North in Tosa. I was feeling a bit better, so I had a regular hamburger with nothing on it. Josh had a double cheeseburger. The smiling George Webb logo was beginning to taunt me with each unnecessary bite I took. As a thing people eat once every now and then (usually when lack of time, shortage of money, or after-bar desperation to sober up are involved), George Webb is passable as food. When eaten more than once a month, let alone SIXTEEN times in a day, it becomes abundantly clear that 1. Nothing on the menu is actually good, and 2. There’s probably no god.

Now, nearly a year later, Milwaukee is the proud owner of a new Webb restaurant. Located on Fond du Lac Avenue in the city’s Sherman Park neighborhood, the new diner is notable for two reasons: one, because of its location, which was the site of much controversy over the summer, and two, because it makes Tyler and Josh’s previous mission sorely incomplete.

But never fear, because the two intrepid heroes (and Matt Wild) recently visited the new Webb location, and came back with this thrilling and informative podcast. So sit back, order up a Super George with Thousand Island dressing, and enjoy.