The first On The Record episode of 2019 finds us catching up with a familiar friend. Frequent guest, longtime Milwaukee improviser, and local LGBTQ+ icon Jacob Bach came to our brand new office to help us break in our recording studio. Since the last time he was on the show, Bach has stepped away from comedy and his outdoor guide business to, instead, shift his focus to music.

Later this month, Bach’s new band (Neidhoefer) will put out its debut album, with the first public show slated for February 9. Before the project—which also features members of Wavy V, Population Control, Moth Light, and more in its ranks—formally introduces itself to Milwaukee, the frontman and founder of the “northwoods folk band” spoke to host Tyler Maas about his decision to take a break from improv, his mindset when he was immobile much of last year, and why music is the most vulnerable medium of expression. Along the way, Bach plays a song from the forthcoming album and, as expected, he and Maas go off on some strange tangents.

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