With such a vast and downright impressive body of work to her credit, you might be shocked to learn Lydia Loveless just turned 30. Since 2010, the singer and songwriter has released a handful of critically-acclaimed albums, toured relentlessly, shared the stage with some folk and country legends, and has managed to fashioned quite a career for herself. Before Lydia Loveless was a household name in the realm of alt-country with her solo work, she was playing bass guitar in a band with her family members.

Recently, Loveless—who is celebrating her 30th birthday the day of this episode’s release—spoke to My First Band host Tyler Maas about growing up on a farm in the small Ohio town of Coshocton, learning to play guitar and piano while being homeschooled, early shows with her family’s band, and playing out on her own during her late teen years. Along the way, Loveless spoke about Daughter (the excellent new album she’s releasing on her own label September 25), the ups and downs from a musical career that’s spanned more than half her life, and how she’s staying busy in North Carolina amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Oh, and before interview’s end, she graciously indulged Maas in a little 90 Day Fiancé- and Mest-related conversation as well.

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