When we say Lillie Mae has been playing music for most of her life, we mean it! The singer, multi-instrumentalist, and all-around musical force has been performing since she was just three years old. Since traveling the country as a child to play concerts pretty much anywhere she could with her family band, Lillie has cracked the charts with a group she was in with her siblings, she’s shared the stage with the likes of Jack White and Robert Plant, and has wowed listeners all over the world with music she releases under her own name.

Recently, Lillie Mae was kind enough to chat with My First Band host Tyler Maas backstage before her set at Blue Ox Music Festival. There, she talked about getting back on the road, her appreciation for her unconventional arts-based upbringing, getting a crash course in the ins and outs of the music industry at an early age, and how session work helped open doors to the next stage of her career. Along the way, she also spoke about initially turning down an opportunity to record her first album with Third Man Records, the time Merle Haggard played her fiddle, the role her family continues to play in her music to this day, and what she’s working on now.

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