Almost every December of Milwaukee Record‘s existence, we’ve rounded up a mess of amazingly tolerable local songs that are helping to improve the predominately terrible holiday music genre. This year was no different, but in the days since this year’s post, a few more local musicians have bestowed the last-minute gift of seasonal songs. We know it’s the day after Christmas, but rather than waiting until next year, we figured we’d give you the belated gift of a few more seasonal songs. Happy holidays, Milwaukee!

Cinnaminiatures – Christmas Drought
Cinnaminiatures only seem to surface around Halloween and Christmas. This Christmas was no different, as the non-traditional trio returned with two new songs on their Christmas Drought EP.

Direct Hit! – “We’re Coming Back”
As if Direct Hit! didn’t already do enough in 2017, the productive punk band added to a year that consisted of a re-issued record, a Record Store Day seven-inch, a split with PEARS, and considerable touring with this cover of Cock Sparrer’s “We’re Coming Back.” In the holiday spirit, Something To Do generously offered their horn section to help carry the cover to higher ground. You can download it for free on Bandcamp now.

Tigernite – “(Suck My) North Pole”
Finally, a song from the elf’s perspective. A few Christmases removed from putting out their holiday single, “Rock N Roll Pizza Party,” Tigernite is back with a slightly less positive take on the season, a song that focuses on the plight of elves. “(Suck My) North Pole” blends the sound you’ve come to know and love from the glam rock band and lyrics about being overworked as Santa gets all the credit.

Zed Kenzo – “Jingle Bells”
While we continue to wait for Zed Kenzo’s debut full-length (c’mon, Zed!), we’ll gladly take this cover of “Jingle Bells” that’s accented with the rapper’s patented production and trademark cadence. We look forward to hearing more originals from her in 2018.

The Fatty Acids – “Toyland”
In case you missed our post last week, The Fatty Acids re-imagined Victor Herbert’s 1903 composition, “Toyland,” for our Public Domain video series and it was pretty incredible. Watch the animatronic band and friends perform the 115-year-old Babes In Toyland standout song at Colectivo’s Back Room and watch out for a creepy robotic Santa played by Wes Tank.