Milwaukee musicians can be quite festive from time to time. Through the years, local bands and solo artists have amassed an extensive playlist of amazingly tolerable holiday songs. This December was no different, as area acts treated us to a new batch of Milwaukee-made holiday originals, Christmastime covers, and yuletide music videos. If you can’t stand hearing “White Christmas” another time, here are some local ways you can stay in the holiday spirit.

Cinnaminiatures — Cinnamon Girls
is a project that only surfaces for special occasions. Since 2012, the trio has tossed together some lo-fi releases each December (with a Halloween record and a wedding release thrown in as well), and this year is no different. The newly-released Cinnamon Girls is the sixth annual Cinnaminiatures holiday effort. This one features jokey jams and Christmas-y covers of Beach Boys and Neil Young. It’s not exactly high art, but it’s likely to bring a smile to even the Scrooge-iest faces.

Eric & Magill — The New Year Is So Near
Once a cross-continental recording project that found then-Brooklyn-based Eric Osterman exchanging song parts with his former Camden bandmate Ryan Weber (who was working in Kenya), Eric & Magill‘s output has increased as the distance between the project’s members has decreased. Last week, the duo—which is entirely based in America now—put out The New Year Is So Near, a twosome of short, sweet, and somber songs that urge the calendar’s turning in beautiful fashion.

Ian & The Dream — “Gimme Money For Christmas”
We’ve all thought it. Ian & The Dream finally had the courage to say it with a fiscally-focused video.

Jun Joestar — Gamer Christmas
If all you want for Christmas is an 8-bit remix of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” this year, Jun Joestar has just what you need. Gamer Christmas also includes and Earthbound-Wham mashup and a Pokemon remix of a Burl Ives song.

Nathan Honoré — Christmas ’16
If you’re tired of the originals by this point in the season, Nathan Honoré has given listeners the gift of music this December. His Christmas ’16 includes a techo-tinged instrumental cover of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” and a lively instrumental re-imagining of “Here Comes Santa Claus.”

Tigernite — Tap Milwaukee‘s Holiday Sound Check
Last December, Tigernite sleighed on its holiday track, “Rock N Roll Pizza Party.” This year, the always-entertaining act with a penchant for costumes and theatrics dropped by Tap Milwaukee‘s uncharacteristically decorated studio to play the song during a Holiday Sound Check. The band’s attire makes this a must-view video on its own.

We All Shit — “Christmas Is A Lie”
Austin-by way of Milwaukee (we think?)’s We All Shit brings up a good point.

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