Every Wednesday at noon, Ryan Schleicher, Evan Rytlewski, and Matt Wild take to the WMSE airwaves to discuss all things Milwaukee. This half-hour fun-fest is called The Disclaimer, so named because none of the oft-ridiculous views expressed on the show necessarily reflect the views of the hosts; employers. Milwaukee music, Milwaukee art, Milwaukee events, and D.I.Y. lawn care tips are frequently discussed—and rarely agreed upon. The Disclaimer: Talk radio for the sane.

Earlier this week, Milwaukee was gifted a new way to support Milwaukee County Parks: by buying new Milwaukee County Parks merch. Specifically, T-shirts and stickers (designed by local companies like Milwaukee Home), illustrated parks posters (designed by local artists like Gabriela Riveros and Dwellephant), and button-up dog shirts. Which is great! But has supporting our cash-strapped parks system really come to this? Thirty-six dollar dog shirts? Ryan, Evan, and Matt chat about the state of our beloved parks, while Evan fills listeners in on a Mac Miller tribute show and the late star’s positive influence on the discussion of mental health.

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