As the singer and guitarist of Dig Deep, Alex Dalnodar has played hundreds of shows in all corners of the Midwest (and beyond) and has seen his blistering bluegrass band become a Central Wisconsin music mainstay. Following an uncharacteristically quiet 2020, Dig Deep is hitting the road hard this year, with dozens of performances booked all over the Badger State this summer. With a busy year ahead, Dalnodar had a lot to say about his band’s plans when he spoke to My First Band host Tyler Maas recently.

Over the course of the discussion, Dalnodar talked about Dig Deep’s active summer—with oodles of bar shows and appearances at festivals like Two Rivers Snowfest and Blue Ox—and some of his favorite parts of the band’s seven years (and counting) together. The interview also focused on Dalnodar’s previous projects, including a lengthy stint in a metal band called Wrath Of The Girth and a few years playing “Gutter Grass” with The Ditchrunners. Along the way, Dalnodar talked about the formative role seeing .357 String Band had in changing his musical trajectory and the value he sees in playing concerts in small towns.

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