Did you miss last night’s episode of Milwaukee Record LiveSCREAM Theater? You know, the one where we watched the 1959 William Castle/public domain classic House On Haunted Hill? The one where we talked about Vincent Price’s passion for roller coasters? The one where we listened to a song called “Rats In My Room”? And the one where, like the film’s doomed “murderess,” we were attacked by a skeleton? Yes? Then you’re in luck! You can watch the whole thing here!

Thanks to Lakefront Brewery for sponsoring the shindig, and thanks to everyone for tuning in. A few minor technical glitches aside, it was a blast! We might do another one in two weeks—maybe The Last Man On Earth (also with Vincent Price), or maybe one of those Roger Corman movies where Boris Karloff putters around an old castle for 70 minutes. Fun!