Last August, Twin Brother came to true local music consciousness with its second album, Swallow The Anchor. By years end, the emotional opus to adolescence earned lofty placement on nearly every Milwaukee publication’s year-end best albums list, including landing at number nine on ours. The months that followed saw the folk trio playing out more often locally (a Turner Hall debut included), taking their show on the road, and finding time to break in a full-time trumpet player Andrew Eshbaugh and keyboardist Nick Berg along the way.

Though it’s unrealistic to expect Twin Brother echo its delicate and devastating coming of age album less than 12 months later, the now-five-piece act wants to keep their name on listeners’ tongue and display the progress they’ve made with the forthcoming concert album, Live At Garibaldi, which will be released August 3. Recorded during the band’s June 20 show at the classic Bay View club (where singer Sean Raasch books and bass/fiddle player Lodewijk “Lodi” Broekhuizen runs sound), the 11-song record showcases standout tracks from Anchor and the band’s self-titled debut record like you’ve never heard them before. The free Bandcamp download will also include a new Twin Brother song called “Bury Me Dear.”

Before Live At Garibaldi sees the light of day and as a way give listeners what to expect when they play on the other side of Russell Avenue during their August 6 show at Cactus Club, Twin Brother is releasing a video from that unforgettable Club G set. Shot by Milwaukee filmmaker Kelly Anderson and former Al Jazeera videographer/The Fatty Acids member Joel Van Haren, the black and white video for “Fire Fire Fire” is a fittingly dim visual pairing to the bleak Swallow The Anchor standout, as well as a gorgeous love letter to the charming club and its charismatic cast of regulars. As you wait to download Live At Garibaldi, check out the video for “Fire Fire Fire” today.

Fire Fire Fire – Twin Brother from Kelly Michael Anderson on Vimeo.

shot by Kelly Michael Anderson and Joel Van Haren
edited by Kelly Michael Anderson

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