Milwaukee’s delightfully named Dad is a man of many personas. In just over a year, the cheeky rapper has released a handful of videos that have depicted him as a Revolutionary War reenactor, a Catholic priest exorcising a demon, and the very demon being exorcised by that Catholic priest. That’s the kind of range not seen since, oh, we don’t now, Wisconsin native Willem Dafoe portrayed Bobby Peru in Wild At Heart and Jesus of Nazareth in The Last Temptation Of Christ.

Speeeeaking of Jesus, Dad is looking awfully Christ-like in his latest video, “Holy Water.” It’s the kind of clip (directed by Cellar Dweller, a.k.a. Brian Jude and Matt Bordman) that makes good old fashioned blasphemy fun again: There’s Dad, resplendent in flowing robes, walking on water. There’s Dad again, still decked out in those robes, taking a Jet Ski for a spin. There’s Dad, baptizing his followers not long after dropping lines like “I’m damp, I’m dripping, I’m soaking” There’s also a dolphin sound effect.

Sacrilegious or just plain fun? Tongue-in-cheek or really tongue-in-cheek? Dive into “Holy Water” (produced by Mammyth) and decide for yourself.

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