When last we heard from Dad, the Milwaukee rap-scallion was transporting listeners to the 18th century with his Civil War-based “17th Century” music video. In the four months since premiering the single, Dad—with the help of his ever-present producer, Mammyth—put together a pastoral period piece that finds him traveling back to 1976 and spitting religious rhymes from the perspective of a man of the cloth.

The Cellar Dweller-directed, shot, and edited “Pastor” music video finds Dad adorned in priest garb and making a house call to the home of a needy soul who’s grappling with a demon. In what’s can either be chalked up to the song’s symbolism or just a lack of available actors, Dad plays two roles in the video and, in essence, performs an exorcism on himself. The rampant religious symbolism pairs perfectly with the theistic jam to capture a battle between good and evil that’s humorous, well-executed, and distinctly Dad. If the power of Dad compels you, the “Pastor” music video can be seen below.

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