In 2015, five-foot powerhouse Lady Lamb delighted close to 200 Milwaukeeans in a mid-summer outing at Turner Hall, which she (Aly Spaltro) called “one of [her] three favorite places to play” in the world. At show’s end, the singer-songwriter assured the decidedly won-over audience “I’ll be back again. I’ll always come back.” True to her word, Lady Lamb will be returning to Milwaukee Thursday, January 26 to play a show. There’s a catch, though: It’s going to be in a living room and nobody knows exactly where yet, including Spaltro herself.

Lady Lamb’s new EP, Tender Warriors Club, comes out exactly a month from today. Fittingly, she’s partnered to Undertow Music Collective to support the abbreviated release with a tour that will take place exclusively at small performance spaces.

Undertow is seeking a living room—or a “big house, loft space, community space, art gallery, yoga studio, recording studio, coffee shop or other space”—capable of “comfortably and safely” accommodating between 40 and 75 people. Hosts will be giving up their spaces for three hours and will work the door in exchange for five tickets to the private event. If you’re interested in turning your home into a secret temporary venue and hosting an up-and-coming talent on the cusp of bigger things, check out the guidelines and apply before the November 11 deadline. For those who’d prefer to attend the show instead of host it, tickets to the show will go on sale December 1. Once purchased, the secret location will be disclosed.

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