We all have social media postings we wish we could take back. One random tweet that has haunted us for years was when we suggested the part in Stop Making Sense where Tom Tom Club plays “Genius Of Love” was a good time for a restroom break. What were we thinking?! The part in Stop Making Sense where Tom Tom Club plays “Genius Of Love” is great!

Why on Earth are we bringing this up now? Because “Wild Cat,” the latest single from Milwaukee synth-wave duo The Quilz, has a strong “Genius Of Love” vibe to it. And it’s a hell of a song even without that vibe! Here it is—complete with “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!” and “Meow, meow, meow, meow!” bits!

The Quilz is the long-running project of scene veterans Becky Heck and Sage Schwarm. The two recently played a “Hot Disco Night” at Mad Planet; they’re next set to DJ the afterparty of Goth Barge’s “Goth Barbie Dream Boat Party” July 20 at X-Ray Arcade. Until then, dig into The Quilz fantastic discography (we love their 2022 covers album), and enjoy this apropos Royal Tenenbaums clip…

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