Isn’t it a drag when you fire up a “Halloween playlist” on your streaming platform of choice and it’s all stuff like “Thriller” and the theme to Ghostbusters? Where are the real Halloween playlists? You know, the super goth-y, super dark wave-y Halloween playlists?

Well, if you have such a playlist, consider adding The Quilz“I Can’t Sleep” to it right now. The latest song/video from Milwaukee duo Becky Heck and Sage Schwarm is a wonderfully old-school goth-pop concoction full of dance-floor beats, moody synths, and dreamy vocals. “Breathe in, breathe out,” Heck sings throughout the song. She could be singing about trying to fall asleep, or trying to inhale the fall season. Take your pick.

“I Can’t Sleep” follows the May release of the equally new wave-y “Love Submission.” The Quilz’ next live show is, appropriately enough, at New Wave Fest, October 1 at Shank Hall.

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Watch The Quilz crack the code behind “Robot Love”

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