If our ongoing Wisconsin Fair Bracket hasn’t gotten you sufficiently pumped for the 2023 Wisconsin State Fair, maybe this will do the trick. From August 3-13, folks can enjoy not one, not two, not 99, but 100 new foods while taking in the sights, sounds, and scents of the Fair. From Alligator Ribs (available from Off The Hook Seafood) to the Sporkie-finalist Wisconsin Quesadilla (available from the Mexican Grill), the 2023 Wisconsin State Fair will have it all. And REO Speedwagon.

Find the new foods HERE, or check them out below on a Fair-provided list. And yes, this year’s Sporkies and Drinkies finalists are included. And yes, we count slightly fewer than 100 new offerings, but it’s close enough! See you at the Fair! And don’t forget to vote!

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