And then there were 32! Following an opening Wisconsin Fair Bracket round that found more than 15,000 total votes being cast, our hand-selected field of 64 Wisconsin State Fair fixtures has now been cut in half. After that thrilling first round that featured a bunch of upsets, a few close calls, and Pat McCurdy getting more votes than anything else, we honestly have no idea how Round 2 is going to pan out. But we’re excited to find out!

As was the case last round, the competitors have been separated into the following regions: Food & Drink, Entertainment, Agriculture & Retail, and Miscellaneous. Round 2 started July 10 and runs through July 16. Subsequent rounds will take place July 17-23, July 24-27, July 28-30, and the Finals will run through 11:59 p.m. on July 31. Vote early and vote as many times as you’d like. Round 2 of Milwaukee Record‘s Wisconsin Fair Bracket (sponsored by Lakefront Brewery), as well as a JPG of the bracket itself to this point, can be found below!

Cream Puffs vs. Roasted Corn

Sporkies vs. Lemonade

Milk Barn vs. Funnel Cakes

"On-A-Stick" Food vs. "With Bacon" Food

Giant Slide vs. Cover Bands

Dog Diving vs. Sea Lion Splash

Pig Races vs. Controversial Comedian

'60s Rock Package vs. Pat McCurdy

Baked Goods vs. As-Seen-On-TV Stuff

Sheep vs. Rabbits

Swine vs. Horses

Wisconsin Products Pavilion vs. Textiles & Crafts

Parking On Lawns vs. Airbrushed T-Shirt Stand

Ride Inspection News Stories vs. Celebrity Sighting (Charlie Berens, Giannis, Etc.)

DNR Exploratory Park vs. Seeing Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers

West Allis Bars vs. State Fair History Display

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