Greetings, fellow card and board game geeks! Are you looking for a light, fun, and constantly changing 2-to-6-player card game to slot between marathon sessions of Ark Nova and Gloomhaven? Are you interested in supporting Milwaukee-area game developers? Then we have just the crowdfunding project for you…

Enter Mythy, a “rule-evolving card game where mythical entities from diverse realms reshape the rules with every turn.” Designed by a fledgling Wauwatosa company founded by three Wisconsin-born friends, Mythy promises a “unique blend of strategy, unpredictability, and nostalgia, appealing to a broad audience.” It’s currently in the final week of a $6,000 Indiegogo campaign, with just under $2,000 left to go. Check it out!

Looks good, right? Reminds us of Fluxx! Anyway, a standard 52-card Mythy deck will put you back a mere $20. Other pledge options, like a “premier deck” with a play cloth ($100) and a “legendary collector’s deck” ($500) are also available.

Also, it’s really fun to say “Mythy.” Mythy!

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