A great indication of a healthy, vibrant, and quality music scene is collaboration. Here in Milwaukee, it seems as if musicians are more willing to work together than ever before. In addition to playing shows together and championing each other’s releases, local artists occasionally also combine their talents on songs from time to time. The latest instance of this finds three established Milwaukee electronic projects joining forces on a new single.

“Hey Cowboy” is a group effort that was set into motion when a partially finished Dashcam song found its way into the hands of MFML, who added some production touches of his own. From there, the instrumental track was sent to The Quilz, who completed the process by adding vocals and lyrics that seem to match the trippy sound of the dance club-suited song. Finally, Sage Schwarm of The Quilz and Matthew Lubus of MFML co-directed and co-produced a music video for “Hey Cowboy.”

“I have known these artists for years,” Lubus tells Milwaukee Record. “There aren’t too many electronic artists who play out live, so we bonded over that early on.”

The song will be part of an upcoming four-song EP that MFML is currently working on. Though the trio of area electronic acts don’t have any shows planned together, you can see The Quilz at Company Brewing on Friday, October 21. Meanwhile, MFML’s other project (Robot Witch) is part of the lineup for All Synths Day, which will take place at X-Ray Arcade on Saturday, November 5. You can hear “Hey Cowboy” and watch the music video for the song below.

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