There’s a reason terms like “pummeling” and “heavy as fuck” get tossed around when talking about Northless—the band’s music tends to be, well, pummeling and heavy as fuck. For nearly a decade, the Milwaukee group has kept angry, pissed-off metal alive in the Brew City and beyond, releasing a slew of singles and splits, and birthing into the world two masterful full-length albums (2011’s Clandestine Abuse and 2013’s World Keeps Sinking). To get an idea of Northless’ sound, imagine an entire industrial sector coming to life and slowing mowing down the surrounding city. Or, better yet, just go ahead and listen—and adjust your speakers or headphones accordingly.

Another word to describe Northless is “busy.” This week alone, the band will celebrate the release of two records: a split LP with Denver, Colorado’s Primitive Man, and a three-song 12-inch entitled Cold Migration. The former features the the chugging “Deleted Heartstrings” and the batshit “The 10,000 Year Wound,” while the latter is a master class in sludgy, take-no-prisoners doom and gloom mixed with darkly gorgeous doom and gloom. “The Curse Of Being” explodes and engulfs everything in its path, “Cold Migration” howls to the howling void, and the 11-minute epic “Conduit” (the entire B-side of the album) reaches progressive and melodic heights only hinted at on previous Northless records. (You can order a limited edition vinyl copy of the album here.)

Northless will host a listening party for its two releases Tuesday, March 8 at Cactus Club. The band will return to the venerable Bay View Club Thursday, March 10 for a show (its first since September) with Bell Witch and Wrekmeister Harmonies. A show at Frank’s Power Plant is scheduled for the following night. Until then, listen to all three songs from Cold Migration now (including the never-before-streamed “Conduit”), only at Milwaukee Record.

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