It’s July 3 and the Milwaukee Brewers are in first place. The surprising performance of a young squad many assumed was in the midst of a full-on rebuild has brought tons of bandwagon fans out of the woodwork for the second half of the season. The most famous of them is probably actor and infamous “house guest” Kato Kaelin, who rarely minces words when it comes to commenting on the “EMBARRASSING” play of the “VOMIT” Brew Crew on his irreverent Twitter account.

Apparently, Kaelin’s reentry on the Brewers bandwagon has paid off for him today. Literally. Kaelin reportedly won a share of Monday afternoon’s 50/50 raffle at Miller Park. According to the check, Kaelin will split the winnings with people named Tina, Bob, and Jamie. If divided equally, he will take home $3,100 before taxes. That sum of money is nothing to PUKE on.

Perhaps this will help keep him quiet should the inexperienced team scuffle down the stretch. We have our doubts. [h/t Corey]

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