Hey! It’s 2022! The pandemic rages on! MPS has gone all-virtual! There’s no end in sight! It’s just like…2021. And most of 2020. Sigh.

Happily, we have a much more enjoyable repeat performance for you. Back in June 2021, Milwaukee musician Sean Williamson released a cover of the 1959 Santo & Johnny classic “Sleep Walk.” But it wasn’t just any cover—it was a cover of “Sleep Walk” performed by Williamson’s lap steel metal band Velocihamster. If you haven’t checked out Velocihamster’s delightful discography—including 2018’s Wheel Of Steel, and 2021’s Balls To The Wall—go ahead and do that now.

In the meantime, settle in and watch Velocihamster perform “Sleep Walk” live for pickup sponsor EMG. Like we said before: “Thrashing up a dreamy standard may sound wacky on paper, but in practice, it’s weirdly beautiful.” (The song begins at the 1-minute mark.)

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