When a group describes itself as the “world’s only lap steel metal band,” what’s not to like? Especially when that group is from Milwaukee, and the name of that group is Velocihamster.

Yes, Velocihamster has been doing its lap steel metal thing since 2018. Fronted by Milwaukee musician Sean Williamson, the band has released two albums of delightfully demented instrumentals: 2018’s Wheel Of Steel, and 2021’s Balls To The Wall. If you’ve ever craved a lap steel metal version of the surf-rock standard “Misirlou,” you’re in luck:

Now, Velocihamster is back with another terrific cover, “Sleepwalk.” It’s a heavier, shred-tastic take on the 1959 Santo & Johnny classic, and it’s great. Thrashing up a dreamy standard may sound wacky on paper, but in practice, it’s weirdly beautiful:

“Artists will always find ways to create even while the industry sleeps,” Williamson says in a press release. “Embracing the unknown is becoming the modus operandi for this project. ‘Sleep Walk’ is a classic I’ve always loved and a staple for the steel guitar trick bag, so why shouldn’t it get the Velocihamster treatment?”

Indeed. Oh, and Balls To The Wall is now available on vinyl! You can order a copy HERE, or pick one up at Rush-Mor Records. Williamson was kind enough to send us a few copies, and they’re really something. We promise to weigh one soon.

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