How did you spend New Year’s Day? In addition to jumping into Lake Michigan, we spent our January 1, 2023 at the Cactus Club, where Milwaukee R&B singer Grey Genius performed during our Packers Halftime Show. (R.I.P. Packers season.)


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The show was well-timed, because Grey Genius recently released not one, but two excellent EPs: Hold This 4 A Min: The First Part, and Hold This 4 A Min: II. The first EP is a wonderfully hazy and laid-back affair, opening with lovely acoustic ballad “My” and ending with the celestial “Slow Down”:

Things pick up a bit on the second EP. “I’m just trying to be pivotal / Coming from a place where they can’t wait to get rid of you,” Grey Genius raps on opener “Surface.” Guests Däs Solo and Jamari Mikell chip in on “WU” and “In My Head,” respectively, while Grey Genius once again takes center stage on self-empowering closer “Light.” “I really don’t do it for me,” she raps. “I’m really my only competitor / And really I’m playing for keeps.”

’nuff said. Here’s to playing for keeps in 2023.

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