Has it really been more than two years since we physically attended Milwaukee’s Twisted Dreams Film Festival? Back in 2019, we saw the legendary Joe Bob Briggs give his excellent “How Rednecks Saved Hollywood” presentation, and the legendary Mark Borchardt receive a “Backbone of Wisconsin Horror” award. Then the pandemic hit. Twisted Dreams went virtual. Until now…

Yep, this fall, Twisted Dreams will assume its previous in-person form as it takes over the Avalon Atmospheric Theater on October 14-16. The seventh annual fest will feature the usual assortment of “the most twisted independent films from around the world,” as well as a bunch of other goodies. Unstoppable Troma mogul Lloyd Kaufman will be on hand for a meet-and-greet on the 14th, as will Slumber Party Massacre star Brinke Stevens. The 14th will also see the Milwaukee premiere of Uncle Lloyd’s latest Troma masterpiece, Shakespeare’s Shitstorm. Sigh. You’ve been warned.

But there’s more! On the 16th, Milwaukee horror-core band Ratbatspider will provide a live score to the classic 1922 film Nosferatu. If you’ve never seen Nosferatu with a live score, change that this October! (And then check out the 1979 Werner Herzog remake with Klaus Kinski. It’s really good!)

Will the 2022 Twisted Dreams Film Festival also feature a burlesque performance? Oodles of “twisted” short films? A vaguely defined “spook show”? Of course it will. Milwaukee Record says check it out. Stay tuned.

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Mark Borchardt to receive Backbone of Wisconsin Horror Award at Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival

Joe Bob Briggs will appear at next year’s Twisted Dreams Film Festival

Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman will help judge this year’s Twisted Dreams Film Festival