Among our favorite aspects of local music videos is their ability to show off Milwaukee landmarks in ways we’ve rarely (if ever) seen before. While enjoying a song from a local project, it’s legitimately fun to keep an eye out for familiar bars, coffee shops, bridges, tourist attractions, and countless other Milwaukee places-turned-film sets. The latest such video to pair an exceptional song with an iconic location comes courtesy of Allison Mahal.

Earlier this month, the Milwaukee (by way of Nashville) folk-rock artist delivered one doozy of a video submission for NPR‘s popular Tiny Desk Contest. Instead of crowding a cubicle, Mahal and her bandmates trudged down the steps and back in time by setting up between lanes at Riverwest’s beloved Falcon Bowl. As if gorgeous footage of a classic Milwaukee bowling haunt isn’t already great enough on its own, Mahal’s previously unreleased “18 Moving South” is a stunning single that deals with struggling to feel welcome back home after years away. It’s as heart-wrenching as it is wonderful.

Between the great song, getting an extended glimpse of Falcon Bowl in a whole new light, and noticing the subtle detail that Mahal’s band is wearing bowling shoes, you’re going to want to spare (get it?) a few minutes to watch the “18 Moving South” music video now. If you like what you hear, Mahal will be performing at Cactus Club on Sunday, February 25 as part of a show that also features Ira Wolf and Next Paperback Hero. The show begins at 7 p.m. and Mahal plays first.

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