Everywhere you look (everywhere) lately, there’s a prominent ’90s comedy figure being booked by Pabst Theater Group. Perhaps you’re reading this while picking pieces of watermelon out of your hair after last night’s Gallagher show at Turner Hall. Maybe you’re preparing to attend one of Dave Chappelle’s eight Pabst Theater shows next week. If either of those are the case, you’re probably going to love this. Bob Saget will perform at Pabst Theater on Friday, March 11.

While most probably know him as Full House‘s cleanly dad Danny Tanner or as the wholesome host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Saget has actually enjoyed a 30-plus-year career as a stand-up comedian—and quite a dirty one at that. If you wish to see the sitcom dad you grew up watching in an entirely different way, you got it dude! Tickets will be available at noon on Friday, February 5. They cost $30.

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