When we last checked in with Something To Do, the veteran Milwaukee-Madison ska band was performing its Gob Bluth-channeling single, “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake,” in the digitized presence of a bustling cityscape, light bulbs, stunt planes, computer code, flames, an island scene, and stock footage of bears and birds. Allegedly, the green screen-reliant music video—floating heads and all—elicited some fan mail and some valuable feedback: Something To Do needs to dance more.

Taking that input to heart, the band returned to The Underground Collaborative to train in the art of dance. With the begrudging assistance of Lavish Jules of the Brew City Bombshells, the state’s premier ska outfit quickly expands its dance floor repertoire from skanking to…something altogether different. Basically, the Eddie Poseur-directed video is just one huge and hilarious Something To Do dance montage. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Watch the video for “That Good Life” below, and then see Something To Do perform some of these moves while playing the music of Direct Hit! at our Local Coverage benefit on January 18.

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