Back on October 31, we helped get you into the Halloween spirit and prepare you for that weekend’s All Synths Day by showing you Robot Witch‘s odd, trippy, and alien-incorporating music video for “Take Me To Your Healer.” At that time, Robot Witch singer Matthew Lubus told us the song/video was intended to be a standalone single the band was putting out—with no plans to ever include on an upcoming release—as they put the finishing touches on an EP that featured a new guitarist in the mix. As it turns out, “Take Me To Your Healer” seems to signal the end of Robot Witch as listeners knew them and has given way to a bigger, better, and bolder version of the project.

Today, the band released its self-titled EP that was referenced in that October article. Over the course of the four-track effort, Robot Witch does away with its past electronic tendencies in favor of raw vocals, crunchy guitars, lively percussion, and billowing horns. “Hello Again”—an opening cut that’s over six minutes long—serves to announce the reinvented rendition of Robot Witch, as a jammy and atmospheric intro evolves in a full-fledged frenzy of intricate instrumentation. Subsequent offerings “Bad Dream” and “Bubblegum” ably veer into alternative rock and ska-punk territories before “Shade” transitions from soft and delicate to emotional and explicit to bring the EP to a satisfying close.

Robot Witch will play an EP release show at The Cooperage on Thursday, December 15. The show also features Wurk and Dropbear Collective. Everyone who attends will receive two coasters that features the band’s new artwork and a QR code to stream the release. Before next week’s show you can stream the Robot Witch EP in its entirety below.

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