Last year, we prepped you for the 5th annual “All Synths Day” by premiering a song from a new project called Robot Witch. With the 6th annual affair slated to take place at X-Ray Arcade on November 5, the synth-laden project is back with another previously unreleased song to help get you in the All Synths Day spirit.

Today, Robot Witch made the video for “Take Me To Your Healer”—a song they’ve been sitting on since summer—public. The single features footage of Painted Mines in Calhan, Colorado that a member filmed. Fittingly, the video for the psychedelic-sounding song is accented by the addition of aliens that dance atop the scenic desert imagery.

“I needed some other motion for the video, so we just placed them in there,” Robot Witch singer Matthew Lubus tells Milwaukee Record. “They are so bizarre. There’s no huge significance, really.”

Since recording this song and making the video, Robot Witch has experienced some member changes and have added a second guitarist to become a five-piece. They just recorded a new EP that will likely be out sometime next year. Since the new members didn’t play on “Take Me To Your Healer,” the song will just be a standalone single that will not be on any upcoming releases. So if you want to hear “Take Me To Your Healer,” check out the song (and its alien-infused music video) below.

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