For those keeping score at home, it’s just over three weeks until Summerfest Corey Feldman and his merry band of lingerie-clad Angels descend on Shank Hall. Yes, on Wednesday, June 28, the former Goonie, Lost Boy, and license-to-driver will treat Milwaukee to his unique blend of yes-he’s-really-serious musical stylings and occasional hoverboard-riding. And, if the last time we saw Feldman perform is any indication, he may call us a “total deusche.”

But now, there’s even more reason to check out Feldman at Shank: the wonderfully weird/sexy Rio Turbo has just been announced as the show’s opening act. If there’s a more appropriate Milwaukee pairing, we can’t think of it (see video below).

General admission tickets are $20, and VIP tickets are an extra $75. Bring your Mouth memorabilia.