Earlier this week, our Tracklist on great local-on-local covers rightfully included compelling redressings of Faux Fir songs on behalf of Milwaukee’s premier classically trained experimental electronic instrumentalist adoptahighway. It’s almost serendipitous to learn only days later that Barry Paul Clark’s incomparably unique project was taking pre-orders for A Fault, adoptahighway’s first release in close to two years, and longest effort since putting out I Can’t Remember in the summer of 2010.

At this point only two of eight songs can be streamed, including the dour piano number “To Anywhere Else,” which contorts a sample from Jenny Asarnow’s automated audio endeavor “Julie The Amtrak God.” Clark summarizes the self-recorded album, saying:

A Fault is an expression based on themes including existential dilemmas of obtaining inspiration, cultivating creativity, crippling self doubt, loss of self worth, laughably chaotic self realizations, visceral therapy, and the connective thread that holds it all together.”

Sounds like a hoot! Yet no matter how downcast and heavy the latest record seems, you can count on adoptahighway to fearlessly push his experimental renderings into strange, uncharted, and occasionally uncomfortable places with predominately positive results. The lavender 150-gram LP can be pre-ordered from adaoptahighway’s Bandcamp now.

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