Concept albums are a dime a dozen, but how many concept albums are ’70s-soft-rock homages to on-hold music for automated phone systems? That’s the delightful hook for the upcoming album from The Beat Index, Volume Two: Thank You For Your Patience. Harrison Colby is the tireless Milwaukee musician behind the project, and he’s pulling out all the stops for this one: Want to hear a few tracks from Volume Two before the album’s August 26 release date? Just pick up your phone and dial some numbers!

Or, before you do that, watch the new video for “Feels Like A Lifetime.” The story behind the clip is appropriately left-field: Earlier this year, Colby got in touch with friend and actor Taylor Kowalski (Homeland, Snowfall, The Detour) and asked him to collaborate on a video. Kowalski said yes, so Colby mailed the actor an old orange rotary phone and gave him free rein on the video’s concept. Kowalski then enlisted director Grant Olans and actor Jessica Belkin (American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars), both of whom he was working with on a feature film in upstate New York. A few weekend shoots later, the enigmatic video for “Feels Like A Lifetime”—shot on 16mm film, natch—was born.

Volume Two: Thank You For Your Patience will be available to stream on August 26; it will also be released on cassette with an accompanying magazine featuring lyrics, liner notes, and photographs. Pre-order that package HERE. And if you haven’t dug into The Beat Index’s excellent 2020 album, Volume One: Juvenilia, do that now. We’ll hold.

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