Harrison Colby describes the upcoming record from his multi-genre electro solo project The Beat Index as “a collection of ’70s soft rock intended for telephone hold music.” One listen to the first single from Volume Two: Thank You For Your Patience, “Caught In A Lie,” nicely backs up that description.

Ahead of Thank You For Your Patience‘s August 26 release date, Colby has taken his “telephone hold music” concept even farther. Thanks to groundbreaking telephone technology not seen since They Might Be Giants’ Dial-A-Song service, you can simply pick up your phone, dial four local numbers, and hear “Caught In A Lie” and three other (unnamed) new Beat Index tracks over the phone. Just as God and Ma Bell intended.

We’ll have the premiere of another new Beat Index song/video next week. Until then, here are those numbers again:





Volume Two: Thank You For Your Patience follows 2020’s excellent Volume One: Juvenilia, which may or may not be available in muzak form.

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Are you cool enough for The Beat Index’s “Record Collection”?

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