The evolution of Milwaukee’s NO/NO has been a thing to behold. With roots in the lo-fi new wave group The Delphines, the bigger and better NO/NO has quickly morphed into a full-on synth-pop force. That transformation culminated in last year’s endlessly gorgeous Sound And Light, a.k.a. the best Milwaukee album of 2016. Now, the group is doubling down on its synth-dappled sound, bringing in an outside producer for the first time and prepping a five-song concept EP that takes aim at what it means to be young in 2017. That EP, appropriately enough, is called Twentysomethings.

Not that Twentysomethings is meant to be a definitive Millennial statement. According to the band, the five tracks simply “play on the idea of communication, or lack thereof, in 2017: social media, cellphones, dating apps, etc.” Getting wasted, partying, texting, and “FOMO” all make lyrical appearances, too. Also making an appearance is Milwaukee synth wunderkind Dashcam, who takes over production duties from Harrison Colby and company. He’s no stranger to the band—his collaboration with NO/NO’s Cat Ries on the sun-kissed “Blue Eyes” is one of the best Milwaukee singles of 2017.

Twentysomethings is set for an October 17 cassette release via Gloss Records. A release show, meanwhile, is planned for October 20 at Linneman’s (Dashcam and Dirty Dancing will play in support). To get a taste of the EP beforehand, listen to the sparkling “Take Out,” only at Milwaukee Record.

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