Milwaukee is chock full of things to do, but only a handful of Milwaukee events are worthy of the lofty honor of “Record Recommended” (patent pending). Here are our recommendations—brought to you by Lilliput Records—for March 25-31, 2024.


Adam Ant + The English Beat @ The Pabst Theater
“Stuart Leslie Goddard, better known as Adam Ant, is an English singer, musician, and actor. Adam Ant is instantly recognized and admired by millions of people around the world. Wherever he performs, there is something personal and unique about his presence that commands attention and respect.”

Sweet Megg + Sparkle Carcass, Dandy L. Freling, Stoned At The Jukebox DJs @ Cactus Club


Diorama-Rama @ Amorphic Beer
Here’s a fun fact: Milwaukee is home to the world’s first habitat diorama! Another fun fact: Milwaukee is home to Diorama-Rama, a cozy celebration of the crafty and adorable art form! Founded by Danelle “D” Kirschling in 2016, the annual competition has boasted past themes like “A Look To The Future” and “History’s Greatest Hits.” This year’s theme? The ’90s! “This year your favorite diorama competition goes into the way back machine to visit the 1990s!” reads an event description. “Do you remember them? Were you alive then? Give us your take on your favorite ’90s—well, ’90s anything. Store at the mall? Your childhood bedroom? Scene from 90210? Go for it! Radical! Miss this? As if!”

Milwaukey To The City: Okay Omen + Carly Malison, Hanna Milos @ Promises


Milwaukee Record Presents: Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee! In celebration of the film’s 20th anniversary (oh god, we’re old!), we’re screening the infinitely quotable 2004 comedy classic Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy. Will Ferrell stars as the eponymous 1970s newscaster and leads an all-star ensemble that also features Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, and so many more. Whammy, that’s one hell of a cast! We’ve done studies, you know. Sixty percent of the time, Anchorman is great every time.

Kent Avenue Carpool + My Melody, 5pm To Nowhere @ Cactus Club


Loving + Fog Lake @ Cactus Club
“Loving is the musical collaboration of David Parry, Lucas Henderson, and Jesse Henderson. The band formed by way of a long-distance recording project (Victoria – Toronto) that resulted in the creation of their debut self-titled EP. After the unexpected embrace of this work, the band reconvened in Victoria, BC to begin playing live shows and work on new material. Following in the path of their debut EP, If I Am Only My Thoughts was home-recorded and represents a deeper exploration of the band’s creative process—a process marked by an appreciation for the generative limitations of recording to tape. The resulting album constructs a warm and dreamy sonic landscape kept adrift by existentially oriented lyrics and an unspecified all-encompassing sense of nostalgia.”

Luniz: The “I Got 5 On It” Tour @ X-Ray Arcade

In-progress screening of It’s All Messed Up @ Linneman’s Riverwest Inn

Brothers Osborne + Stephen Wilson Jr. @ The Rave / Eagles Club

ADD/C + Mold Wine, Iron Pizza, Dads @ Bremen Cafe

The Panoptics (unplugged) + Valley Fox, Nate John Herlache @ Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery

Hatcher/Giallorenzo/Kirshner @ The Sugar Maple


Charlie Berens @ Riverside Theater (also March 30)
Affable actor, writer, comedian, and Emmy-winning host Charlie Berens has made a name for himself throughout Wisconsin (and far beyond) with his “Manitowoc Minute” segments and other hilarious videos that are rooted in Midwest-themed humor. In addition to making content that has garnered millions of views, hosting his great CripesCast podcast, writing a Midwestern guide book, release albums full of Wisconsin-centric songs, Berens has also adapted his web-based material into a sidesplitting long-form theater show. The multi-faceted performer will treat Riverside Theater to a total of four shows March 29-30. Keep ‘Er Movin’ and buy those tickets now.

LA LOM + Ambulante y Clandestino @ Cactus Club (early and late shows)

Friday Night Retro Dance Party: DJs Mosh Wah + Steve Schwarm @ Mad Planet


MELT: The Demix (record release) + Hot Science, IPAGhost, Frownzy @ Club Garibaldi
“Saturday, March 30 The Demix unleashes Arrival, a new EP that will be available in the physical form of a compact disc. Whether conveying a sense of cosmic exploration, existential reflection, or the euphoria of new beginnings, each track on Arrival contributes to a larger narrative, inviting the audience to interpret and connect with the music on a personal level. In a world where conformity often reigns, Arrival stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression. It invites listeners to embrace the unconventional, drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, The Demix crafts soundscapes that challenge traditional notions of genre and form. Prepare for Arrival.”

Wave Chapelle + NilexNile @ Lilliput Records
Since opening in the longtime home of the Farwell Avenue Exclusive Company in the summer of 2022, Lilliput Records has become one of the city’s and the state’s finest independent record stores. In addition to Lilliput’s outstanding, ever-growing inventory and interactive listening parties, the shop hosts a slew of in-store performances. This weekend, tireless Milwaukee hip-hop artists Wave Chapelle and NilexNile take to Lilliput’s stage for a can’t-miss 1 p.m. show.

The Verve Pipe + Goran and Morgan of the Gufs @ Vivarium
“With a reputation for spectacular live performances, the multi-platinum alternative rock band The Verve Pipe are recognized worldwide for their radio hits ‘Photograph,’ ‘Hero,’ etc. In addition to their success on radio, TV and film, the band has made numerous television appearances, including The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and Late Night With David Letterman.”

Sour Fest @ MobCraft Beer
MobCraft’s sixth annual Sour Fest will feature Wisconsin Wild & Sour sessions with dozens of samples from 1840 Brewing Company, Brewer’s Kitchen, MobCraft Beer, Oliphant Brewing, Ope! Brewing Co., Pilot Project Brewing, Radix Fermentation, Rookery Brewing Company, Sahale Ale Works, Supermoon Beer Company, Sway Brewing + Blending, and Young Blood Beer Company.

Hot Like Mars + Social Cig @ Mad Planet

Jump The Bluff + Flying Medusa, Certain Stars @ Falcon Bowl

Frail Body + Shamewave, Snag, Garden Home, Riotnine! @ X-Ray Arcade

MKE Project Vol. 2: Dak DuBois + Wave Chapelle, Bro. Malik, Emmitt James @ The Cooperage

Steve Forbert + Jill Sobule @ Shank Hall


Barely Civil (record release) + Magazine Beach, Overhand, Known Moons @ Cactus Club
Milwaukee emo outfit Barely Civil has a new album, and it’s a stunner. I’d Say I’m Not Fine opens with a 56-second barrage of dissonant drumming, ambient guitar, and gang vocals in the form of “I’d Say I’m…”, flows into the airtight instrumentation, punishing percussion, and swirling solos of “Floating Again,” and eventually gets to instant classics like “Coasting Mostly” and “Better Now.” I’d Say I’m Not Fine doesn’t need to be consumed in its entirety, but the album that documents ups, downs, doubts, resolve, highs, and lows is a more enjoyable and rewarding journey when you take it all in at once.

Spy + Snuffed, Die, Matter Of Fact, Curbsitter @ X-Ray Arcade

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