Back in August, news broke that ’80s and ’90s arcade bar Up-Down would be opening a Milwaukee location in the old Comedy Cafe at 615 E. Brady St. Since then, another arcade bar has already opened (1983 Arcade Bar), and work has finally begun on Up-Down. That work, taking place now and set to finish early this year, has entailed knocking down the old Comedy Cafe. So long, place where we saw Dustin Diamond perform once.

But buried inside the comedic rubble is something interesting, and something that harkens back to the location’s past life as a gas station: an uncovered wall containing a “ghost sign” for a Wisconsin-only brand of gasoline, Pate Air Glide. What’s Pate Air Glide? An ad from a 1955 Waukesha Daily Freeman sheds some light:

Pate starts where others leave off. Pate is the only marketer of oil products that takes a gasoline, sold as the top grade by the nation’s most modern refineries, and steps it up with costly fuels.

Pate leads the field in octane. Ever since World War II, Pate Air Glide has been three to five years ahead of the field in octane rating. Pate gasoline delivers more power. Professional racers have proved again and again that Pate Air Glide outperforms all other brands in power output. Pate pioneers that use of anti-icing fuels. Pate is seven years ahead of the field in offering positive protection against stalling and fuel line freeze-ups. Pate Air Glide needs no corrective chemicals. Because Pate starts with the best “cut” of gasoline, Pate Air Glide requires no chemicals designed to correct gasoline deficiencies.

Pate gasoline cuts repair bills. Accurate records prove conclusively that motorists pay less for repairs after switching to Pate Air Glide gasoline. Pate gasoline is first in Milwaukee. Surveys prove that Pate is the largest selling gasoline in Milwaukee. Try Pate Air Glide, the nation’s finest gasoline, in your car. It’s a fact. You’ll actually feel the difference!

Fun! The owners of Up-Down tell Milwaukee Record that the wall and sign will likely come down tomorrow, so get your Instagram snaps in now.

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