Summerfest is over! Though we had some good times, some bad times, some non-music/food times, some locally sourced times, and some inconsistent times at Henry Maier Festival Park between June 28 and July 9, the end of the Big Gig means the relaxation and carefree goodness of summer can truly begin. Even though the first few weeks of the season were top-heavy in terms of block parties and a heft of events with the “fest” suffix, the last 70 or so days of summer are chock full of excellent concerts, comedy shows, live podcasts, and even a few more fests for good measure.

Host Tyler Maas was joined by Kevin Mueller, a local freelance entertainment writer (and our resident “eating while driving” columnist) who contributes to Milwaukee Magazine and Shepherd Express. Both were audibly depleted from the craziness of recent weeks, but they still managed to look ahead and round up a wealth of events to help your summer end on a fun note. Tyler even mentions a super secret Milwaukee Record film screening that hasn’t been announced yet.

This episode is brought to you by Surly Brewing, who is sponsoring our third annual Roast Of Milwaukee event at Club Garibaldi on Monday, July 31. Music comes courtesy of Piles (“Blue Glue”) and Indonesian Junk (“I’ll Run Away”). Subscribe to On The Record via iTunes or Stitcher (for free!).