Holiday season got you down? Dismayed at the crass commercialism that dominates this time of year? Can’t think of anything to get your family, so, with mere days to go, you’re considering faking an illness and staying home and maybe finishing up the final Divine Beast in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild? Need a little more “ho ho” in your holidays? Then behold this nostalgia-rific Bayshore Mall commercial from 2000, which has oodles of “ho ho” to go around.

“With all your favorite stores and plenty of free parking,” says the announcer for the 17-year-old spot, “holiday shopping is a breeze at Bayshore.” A visit with Santa is also promoted, though it’s couched in a shameless plug for something called Kaboink!, a.k.a. “Time Warner’s club just for kids.” Nothing says “childhood magic” quite like sitting on Santa’s lap, telling him what you want for Christmas, and getting a Time Warner-branded coloring book.

Also, good lord, is 2000 really 17 (almost 18!) years ago? Is this really what Bayshore looked like before it became Bayshore Town Center? What kind of special offers could you get with a membership to Kaboink!? Happy holidays from the mall-walking Ghost of Christmas Past, Milwaukee. [h/t The TV Madman]

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