Though the project has yet to play its first show, Guerrilla Ghost can already be considered one of the more interesting duos in Milwaukee. After meeting in November, rapper Chuck Jones (who releases music under the “Bad Graphics Ghost” moniker and sings for post-hardcore act, Importer/Exporter) and Volunteer bassist Martin Defatte (who dabbles with industrial sounds as Tron Jovi) quickly joined forces on a new collaboration.

Debuting at a particularly volatile time in the political landscape, the new group unleashed a seething anti-Trump takedown to coincide with Inauguration Day in January, and echoed that with a tongue-in-cheek track directed at Tomi Lahren in February. Today marks the release of Guerrilla Ghost’s debut EP, and to mark the duo’s first effort, they’ve also released a new video for its first true single.

The “Undeserving Of A Proper Title” music video properly introduces the duo and its aggressive EDM-tinged hip-hop hybrid sound. As Jones and Defatte roam around the city with a boombox on their shoulder and fire in their chests, they pledge their love for Milwaukee at landmarks like Rush-Mor Records and the new Bay View mural. You can check out Guerrilla Ghost’s video and buy the EP now. They’ll make their live debut at Cactus Club on April 28 as part of Arte Para Todos.

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