We here at Milwaukee Record are really missing basketball right about now. More specifically, we’re really missing the Milwaukee Bucks. Before the pandemic hit stateside, the Bucks had the NBA’s best record, the city was gearing up for a title run, and the team’s beloved cast of characters appeared to be having a lot of fun dominating the league.

Based on pregame antics alone, it looked as if Robin Lopez was living it up more than any other Bucks player. Over the course of his career, the veteran center has become known for two things: 1.) His playful feuds with mascots from opposing teams and 2.) His love for all things Walt Disney.

No doubt bored as all get-out during a league-wide shutdown, Lopez decided to take to Twitter yesterday to kill some time and entertain others by offering up suggestions for Disney characters that could replace every NBA team’s mascot. If you’re looking to escape the tragic and frustrating nightmare of the daily news cycle for a few minutes, we strongly suggest checking out Lopez’s Disney/NBA mascot thread. And to save you some scrolling or a trip to the hellscape that is Twitter, we’ve also included his picks below. Enjoy!

Benny The Bull (Chicago Bulls) — Ferdinand The Bull from Ferdinand The Bull

The Coyote (San Antonio Spurs) — Bent-Tail from Disney’s Coyote Tales

Pierre The Pelican (New Orleans Pelicans) — Monte from Pelican And The Snipe

Hooper (Detroit Pistons) — Lightning McQueen from Cars

G-Wiz (Washington Wizards) — Mickey Mouse from Fantasia

The Raptor — Rex from Toy Story

Golden State Warriors — Mulan from Mulan

Rumble The Bison (Oklahoma City Thunder) — Zeus from Hercules

Lucky The Leprechaun (Boston Celtics) — King Brian from Darby O’Gill And The Little People

Suns Gorilla (Phoenix Suns) — Terk from Tarzan

Stuff (Orlando Magic) — Elliot from Pete’s Dragon

Blaze The Trail Cat (Portland Trailblazers) — Davy Crockett from Davy Crockett, King Of The Wild Frontier

Jazz Bear (Utah Jazz) — Big Al from Country Bear Jamboree

Franklin (Philadelphia 76ers) — Amos from Ben And Me

Grizz (Memphis Grizzlies) — Baloo from The Jungle Book

Burnie (Miami Heat) — Anger from Inside Out

Champ (Dallas Mavericks) — Bullseye from Toy Story

Moon Dog (Cleveland Cavaliers) — Charlie Sheen from The Three Musketeers

Hugo (Charlotte Hornets) — Spike The Bee from Inferior Decorator

Chuck The Condor (Los Angeles Clippers) — Donald Duck

Slamson The Lion (Sacramento Kings) — Simba from The Lion King

Bango (Milwaukee Bucks) — Bambi from Bambi…and keep Bango

Los Angeles Lakers (no mascot) — Nessie from Ballad Of Nessie

Crunch The Wolf (Minnesota Timber Wolves) — Wolf from Peter And The Wolf

New York Knicks (no mascot) — Ichabod Crane from The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

Harry The Hawk (Atlanta Hawks)Marahute from Rescuers Down Under

Boomer (Indiana Pacers) — Love Bug from The Love Bug

Brooklyn Nets (no mascot)Sir Cumference The Black Knight from the Goofy short, Knight For A Day

Clutch The Bear (Houston Rockets) — Moonliner from Disneyland’s Tomorrowland

Rocky The Mountain Lion (Denver Nuggets) — Charlie from Charlie The Lonesome Cougar

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