In an age when everyone is quote-unquote “connected,” when everyone equates looking away from a screen for one minute to “missing out,” and when everyone is pissing and moaning about something on Facebook, how great is fishing? Seriously: you get to sit on a boat (or the shore), by yourself (or with some friends), and catch some fish (or not). That’s it. No laptops or phones, no outrage about whatever it is we’re all outraged about today needed. (Remember when we were all mad about that dentist who shot a lion?)

So if you can’t get out and fish right this very second, why not enjoy a video of some dudes catching some trout (and a buzz) in and around Milwaukee? The recent clip comes courtesy of Field & Stream‘s Hook Shots, a video series that promises to show “the good, bad, ugly, and victorious truth behind every fishing trip.” It features host Joe Cermele and Milwaukee-area anglers Pat Kiehm and Tim Hyvonen hitting up popular spots like the Oak Creek Power Plant and the Milwaukee Harbor, (occasionally) landing some nice steelhead and brown trout, discussing trolling vs. jigging, and, of course, “next thing we know, we’re drinking PBRs.” Like the old saying goes: a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of staring at Twitter.

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