In case you missed it, the Milwaukee Public Museum is closed Monday, January 10 through Wednesday, January 12. Why? “Staffing shortages amid the ongoing surge in regional COVID-19 cases,” of course. MPM will provide reopening updates in the coming days.

“With a few key staff members in essential operational roles currently quarantining or awaiting test results, the Museum is proactively closing for a few days to accommodate for the impact of those absences,” said MPM President and CEO Ellen Censky in a press release last week. “The health, safety and wellbeing of those who enter our building is paramount, and unfortunately, we cannot safely operate without certain staffing levels in critical departments.”

So there you go. Also, MPM is still prepping for its move/downsizing/modernization in a few years, so get to the old and weird and wonderful and big and dark (and yes, in-dire-need-of-an-update) museum while you still can. Here are four pictures of “The Quest For Beaver.”

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