When we last heard from Lavish Waste, the Milwaukee electro-punk duo (Emily Evans, Steven Look) had just released their debut record Juice Demon. The cover of the record, featuring Evans and Look cosplaying Beetlejuice, was a nice indication of the scuzzy, spooky, and cheeky music contained within. For their latest release, the duo channels the 1980s once again with a delightfully lo-fi cover of Debbie Deb‘s 1987 dance classic “Lookout Weekend” (retitled “Lavish Weekend” here). Bring on those laser rays!

And hell yeah here’s Debbie Deb performing the original song earlier this year. LONG LIVE THOSE LASER RAYS!

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Having trouble with the living? Lavish Waste is here to help with electro-punk ‘Juice Demon’

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