Who among us, man or woman, hasn’t sidled up to a bar one lonely night and stewed over love lost or discarded? And who among us, man or woman, hasn’t done so at The Hotel Foster while the object of our obsession takes our place in our band and rips through our latest single onstage? Okay, maybe that last one is oddly specific, but it’s the premise of Milwaukee rock band The Living Statues‘ new, slick, and sexy “Valicity” video.

In the Cody LaPlant-directed clip, Statues singer Tommy Shears finds himself drinking alone at the popular East Side hangout, trying to forget about the titular mystery woman (Carolyn Christianson). Things don’t go quite as planned, of course, and the night ends up featuring an impromptu performance on the Foster stage, some frantic bathroom soul searching, some frantic East Side driving, and Shears dumping his ex’s shit out on the road. “I spend my nights forgetting you,” indeed.

The Living Statues will travel to Austin, Texas next week for a performance at South By Southwest, after which they’ll return to Milwaukee for a show with Ezra Furman at Company Brewing March 24.

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