Throughout this seemingly never-ending pandemic, Milwaukee rapper Shle Berry has been releasing new music. Berry’s new tracks include the hopeful “When The Snow Melts,” the sultry “What I Like,” and the intimate “It Is What It Is.” But her latest single may be her best yet: The infectious “SOLO” features an undeniable chorus hook, pitch-perfect rapping on the verses, and kiss-off lines like “You never granted me my space, that’s why I’m up in your view / I hope the message was provocative and fucked up your mood.” Listen here:

But that’s not all. As part of her ongoing “Unwrapped” video series, Berry offers a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of “SOLO.” It’s a fascinating glimpse of an artist at work: recording in a darkened room, rewriting the hook at the last minute, comparing musicianship to basketball (and Kobe), and complaining about Twitter. Check it out below, and check out similar videos for Berry’s other recent tracks HERE.

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Shle Berry addresses dark times, prepares for better days on “When The Snow Melts”

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