Has it really been four years since AUTOMatic released its last full-length album, Art Imitates Life? Yes, yes it has. Not that the Milwaukee hip-hop duo has been laying low: APRIME and Trellmatic released an AUTOMatic EP, ARISING, back in October 2015, while APRIME went solo under the moniker “3099” for this spring’s AUTOMatic Presents 3099. Now, ahead of the release of a new AUTOMatic full-length (finally!) entitled Marathon, the group has released an upbeat, jazzy, all-inclusive, and impossible-not-to-love new single, “Talkin Bout Love.”

So what is AUTOMatic talkin’ about in “Talkin Bout Love”? Well, according to APRIME, “I’m talkin’ ’bout that real woman and a man love / I’m talkin’ real woman-woman, man-man love / It’s a different style but it’s all the same brand love.” Love!

Marathon is set for a November 11 release, and will come complete with a show at the Cactus Club with Vincent VanGREAT, El Shareef, and DJ Andrew Optimist. Until then, stay tuned to AUTOMatic’s Soundcloud page for more advance tracks.

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