When we last checked in with Hot Science—the musical moniker of electronic artist Sam Sumner—in late 2020, the project was gearing up to put out Summoner, its third release in roughly a year’s time. In the nearly four years since that EP (which earned attention on our “Favorite Milwaukee music of 2020” list) saw the light of day, Sumner has kept busy with a steady stream of live performances all around the city, and he’s also been carefully crafting a brand new EP.

On Friday, July 12, Hot Science’s voluminous catalog will increase in both size and quality when Shaman is released on Triple Eye Industries. Coming in at six tracks that are all more than five minutes long, the EP catapults into action with “Get Gems Or Die Tryin’,” a tremendous lead single that quickly evolves from should-be NES quest music to a full-fledged electronic symphony complete with intricate layers and a bumping back beat. From there, a persistent kick drum thud keeps time and tethers songs like “Mystic Arts World” and “Elephant’s Boogie No. 8” to solid ground as Sumner embarks on a sonic exploration consisting of a myriad of samples and unexpected effects.

Aside from sparing speech and laughs looped in late-EP standout track “Lady In Velvet” and closer “Mr. Tyrell,” Shaman is essentially devoid of vocals. However, the lush and adventurous production choices won’t leave you wishing for anything more from Sumner by the time the 36-minute experience is through. If you’re a fan of independent EDM with an experimental edge, Hot Science’s Shaman EP is just what the doctor ordered. Before tonight’s appearance on WMSE‘s “Local/Live” and prior to Friday’s release on digital and CD format via Triple Eye Industries, you can listen to Shaman in its entirety below.

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