It’s been a hazy, golden-hour minute since we’ve had a new collection of tracks from Milwaukee producer Dashcam. Not that the retro-inspired synth-pop mastermind (real name Donny Jankowski) has been entirely quiet since 2018’s Dreamwave EP. He’s collaborated with Pleasure Thief. He’s collaborated with MFML and The Quilz. Oh, and he’s been chipping away at a new full-length, Sundown On Volcano Beach, which was released earlier this month and is awesome. Listen to the 11-track journey here:

Contributing vocals to Sundown are Madison electro-pop singer/producer Anna Wang, Milwaukee electro-pop singer/producer Peshtigo, Milwaukee electro-pop duo The Quilz, and more. It’s hard to pick a favorite track, though Wang’s “Lifeline” is a particular standout, full of twinkling synths, pastel-colored vibes, and fantastic (and occasionally fuzzed-out) vocals. Slip on a white suit jacket, hop in the nearest Ferrari, and make a break for Volcano Beach.

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